Second Floor Of The Dorms

The second floor of our dormitory is starting to take shape. Our workers have begun constructing the ceiling of the second story. The timing of this roof is a big deal for our mission team and for our Honduran workers.

For our Honduran construction workers it means they get to stay dry. The four-month rainy season began mid-November. Our workers knew that when they completed the roof they could spend the rest of the rainy season working inside the building and avoiding the downpours. As soon as they complete the roof they will start work on second floor walls, windows and bathrooms, all tasks that can be done from the inside.

For our mission team the raising of the roof means we are closer to our completion deadline. For the summer of 2012 we have already booked 20 short-term mission teams. That is double the number of teams we had last summer. The big difference is we have simultaneously booked two churches for each week, instead of one. Our plan is that one church will sleep in the already completed first floor of the dorms and the second church will sleep in the yet to be completed second floor.

Please keep praying that God continues to send finances and we have the wisdom to manage this project.