New MTW Website Launched

www.mtw.orgOur mission sending agency, Mission To the World (MTW), has launched a new website. It is really worth taking a few minutes to browse. Very seldom do we use our own website to promote other websites, but this one is worth it.

The new site makes it easier for people to get involved in the Great Commission and to learn about missionaries and mission work. The new MTW site is very intuitive and well thought out.

There are several mission related activities that are made easier by this site. If you want to become a missions intern, send a short-term team from your church or financially support an existing missionary this site makes it simple.

It is such a rare thing when a Christian non-profit organization gets a website right. It is exciting when the Internet is used to make it easier for us to glorify God. If you want to get more involved in missions or support those who are already serving take a look.