Christmas In Honduras 2011

Likely because of all the junk our family has recently gone through we’ve received a large number of well-intentioned inquiries as to where and how we will be spending Christmas. The simple answer is…at home, here in Honduras. Honduras is where we belong.

Here is the awkward part. Many people have also asked what we want for Christmas and what is the cheapest way to send it to us. First off, we simply ask that you pray for our family, our team and the Honduran people. That is all we want for Christmas. Many of our more persistent friends have responded with, “yes, of course, what else?” So, if you are looking to give Christmas gifts to your favorite missionaries here it is:

We would love Amazon gift certificates or iTunes gift certificates. They are perfect for us. We use Amazon to purchase and download books and we use iTunes to purchase and download music and TV shows. You can send either to Mike’s e-mail address (

Thanks so much for thinking about us. Merry Christmas.