Soccer Gear For The Boys

Earlier this week Mike went on an outing with four of the boys from the super-poor community of Armenia Bonito. These four boys start for the community’s very successful under-15 soccer team. Mike took these boys to our home and into town to provide them with soccer gear. These four boys are very active in our ministry. None of their families can afford to purchase soccer gear.

the boys and their gearWe started at our home where we went through the gear donated by friends and youth soccer leagues from the U.S. Each boy picked out a used practice jersey (with the same number as their favorite professional), second hand shorts, shin guards (a first for these boys), used knee high socks and a brand new ball. They were ecstatic.

new cleatsAfter we confirmed none of donated cleats would fit the boys we went into town and purchased brand new cleats. One of the boys had never before owned cleats and the other three had never owned new cleats.

For a culture that views soccer as life and where the average citizen makes $3,000 per year, this was an amazing Christmas gift. These boys are now ready for next week’s Christmas tournament and the season that begins in February.