The Troxells Have Arrived

Mike and Ashlee TroxellMore than two-years after accepting an invitation to join Team Honduras, Mike and Ashlee Troxell have arrived. Our newest teammates are from Scottsdale, Arizona. After a year at language school in Costa Rica the Troxells have joined us for at least two years.

The Troxells arrived earlier this week and have already signed a rental agreement on a house. They have joined us as church planting missionaries. After a time of rest and acclimation the Troxells will begin prayerfully seeking a new community. When the Lord leads them to the perfect neighborhood they will begin daily ministry and relationship building in that area. Our prayer is that after they have been working in that community for a while they establish a new church.

Please welcome the Troxells to Team Honduras and please begin praying for their marriage and the work they will undertake here in La Ceiba.