Gringo Church Weekly Studies

Our mission team meets every Sunday in our home to participate in what we call Gringo Church. In Gringo Church Erin and Shannon lead us in singing, John leads us in prayer and Mike leads through study. Our weekly worship is closed to our team so we can enjoy a more intimate and private prayer time.

During the weekly studies Mike is taking the kids through the 107 questions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Each week is a new question. This week is question 30 – “How does the Holy Spirit apply to us the redemption Christ bought?”

The adults just concluded a 32-week study of Romans. This week Mike begins a six-week study in Galatians.

While we all regularly attend Honduran Spanish language church on our own, Gringo Church is a good testament to the importance of being fed spiritually in your heart language. Please pray that Gringo Church continues to fill that need.