New Formal English Class

Mike the teacherThis week Mike began teaching a new “more formal” English class in the community of Armenia Bonito. This class will be run a little stricter than past classes we’ve taught. This weekly class will run for 10-weeks straight. We are requiring regular attendance and administering weekly exams.

The students have been informed that after the 10-week course is completed, those students who attend at least eight of the 10 classes will receive a “Certificate of English” and will be rewarded with a formal dinner at our home.

the English studentsThe first class was attended by 22 students. Mike taught on the topics of sounds, the alphabet, pronunciation and fruit. The students were instructed to focus strongly on lip and tongue placement to help with proper pronunciation. At the end of class each student was given an individual oral exam on the memorization of 10 English words for fruits and their proper pronunciation.

English classes provide several valuable things; 1) help us build relationships, 2) provide an important skill for employment and 3) provide opportunities to share the gospel as we use the bible as a reading primer.