Medical Clinic Staffed By Hondurans

On Thursday we hosted our weekly medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. But, we were short on gringo workers. Mike stayed home sick and Kathy worked for four hours, but had to leave early to tend to the family. So, how do you run a medical clinic with so few workers? Honduran volunteers.

vitals and pharmacy in the backgroundThere were more Honduran volunteers helping us at one time than ever before. Why is that so important? We have always said that we don’t want to teach people to become dependent on us, but that we want to train Hondurans to help each other. We want to work ourselves out of a job. To see so many Hondurans helping Hondurans is big deal.

With the help of a Honduran pastor, a nurse, a few local kids and some people who just stopped in, we were able to treat 25 patients. Each person had their vitals taken, they were prayed for and evangelized, received medical treatment and education and received medicine…almost exclusively from Honduran volunteers.

Pastor Rene sharing the gospelNo, we’re not ready to move on to another community just yet. However, this was a good day. It may be temporary and some of them may not have had pure motives. But, the bottom line is that our team created an opportunity where Hondurans can be trained to serve each other and provide basic medical care and evangelism. Yep, it was a good day.