Kids Club, Catechism And Obedience

On Tuesday Erin continued the new wildly successful format for our weekly Kids Club in Armenia Bonito. This new program is much more structured and the kids love it.

ballons and babiesFollowing some crazy and energetic balloon games the kids sat down for their lesson. The theme of this week’s study was obedience. The kids heard a detailed story of Noah and his unwavering obedience to God. They were challenged by the extreme nature of Noah’s obedience in the face of humiliation and mocking.

The kids did a wonderful job with the bible verse memorization. The kids committed John 14:15 to memory. Erin explained how obedience is a way of showing love.

lesson timeCatechism question #4 was the exam question for the day. How do you glorify God? The kids had to know the question and answer to be “signed off” for the day. The kids were each quizzed individually.

The craft for the day was gluing together and coloring the parts of Noah’s obedience. Each kid walked away with their very own depiction of Noah on the boat with the animals.

Each week dozens of kids are memorizing verses, hearing bible stories and receiving a lesson of about God. And, they are enjoying it.