An Emotional Medical Clinic

Thursday we hosted our weekly medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. It was full of interesting cases and high emotions. The doctors in La Ceiba are on strike. Really? What is a sick person to do? So, when we arrived just before 9am there was a line of over 80 people waiting to be seen. Mike handed out 35 numbers and turned away 50 unhappy people, including one lady who told Mike that her husband, who was walking around and talking, was going to die and it would be Mike’s fault because he is a bad person.

rotting teethErin began treating patients with some typical symptoms; rotting teeth, parasites, infected wounds, etc. Erin provided her typical compassion and expertise. A young girl was brought in who had pneumonia. Erin gave her a breathing treatment, but recommended she see a doctor…who were all on strike.

Mike and Ashley Troxell, our newest teammates, helped us so they could better learn how to implement this type of compassion in their new ministry site; the community of La Fe. Mike and Ashley prayed with each person and gave them great love and kindness.

15-year-old momA 15-year-old girl, who we had never seen before, came in with a six-month-old baby. “Is this your brother?” “No, it’s my baby.” This girl got pregnant when she was 13, had a baby at 14 and here she was, barely 15, with her six-month-old son in her arms. She is younger than our daughter Madison. Wow!

Because of the doctor strike we saw lots of sick people. Many were beyond our abilities. Where do you send a complicated case when there are no doctors in town?

IV on the truckAt the end of the day a frantic mother brought in her 8-year-old son with Down syndrome. The boy had a fever and was shaking. He also had uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting. He couldn’t keep any medicine or fluids down. The hospital had already turned them away and the mother was desperate. On the back of our truck Erin tried to start an IV. With no other options remaining we finally told the mother, “There is nothing we can do for you.” Knowing the hospital was closed the tearful mother carried her moaning son home.