Book Review: What Is The Mission Of The Church?

What Is The Mission Of The Church? by Kevin DeYoung and Greg GilbertKevin DeYoung has been the Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church in Michigan since 2004. He has written seven noteworthy books, including this one, in the past five years. This book was co-authored by Greg Gilbert, pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville.

The authors do a commendable job of talking about issues such as helping the underprivileged, economics and social justice, the gospel, and how a church can alter the world without forgoing biblical truth or abandoning it’s purpose. The reader is guided through the process of discovering what Jesus wants from His followers and why we were sent to the cities we live in now. We see how the mission of the church should reflect our mandates as outlined in scripture.

Our churches were never intended to be a substitute society or refuge from the world around us. The church is a place to educate, instruct and prepare its members to impact the world and share God’s love, mercy and message. Christian yoga, Christian movie nights and Christian book clubs are not sinful. But, a church that sets up Christian alternatives to secular culture is not encouraging believers to engage their society.

Every Christian is a missionary called into the world. The lost seldom stumble into a church on their own. As missionaries we are mandated to enter the world and visit the lost where they live…no matter how icky or downtrodden that place may be.

More than just explaining our erroneous perceptions of the Great Commission the authors call for Christians and local churches to seek the pleasure that comes from serving others as Christ has commanded us. Our primary purpose is to proclaim Christ to our neighbors, and to the world so others can understand the glory of living with Christ.