Homeless Kids In La Ceiba

Kate talkingRecently Mike went out with our teammate Kate DeFuniak in search of elusive homeless kids. For nearly five hours we drove around downtown La Ceiba and talked with kids who live on the streets.

Some interactions ended with a nervous kid running from the scene. Many of these kids crave the independence and don’t trust adults. Perceiving that we were there to take them back to Social Services, inject them with medicine or worse, they ran.

Mike talkingBut, other kids felt more comfortable with us. They talked through the window of our truck and some even jumped in back for a short ride. Slowly as the kids felt more comfortable we would park the car and slowly emerge. With several kids we purchased them lunch, had long conversations, gave them medicine and even hugged and loved on their dirty, skinny little bodies.

The Bible clearly commands us to care for these homeless kids (Isaiah 58:7, Luke 14:13-14, Leviticus 25:35-36). They are the destitute and forgotten souls in a culture full of destitute and forgotten souls. In the long run God has great plans for these kids. But for now we are happy to give them a meal and a hug where we can. As you and your family settle down this evening after a long day, please take a moment to pray that Ronald, Bryan, Jimmy and Melvin are safe on the streets of La Ceiba.