Health Clinic And Education

At our weekly health clinic in Armenia Bonito we treated 35 people. Some problems were simple and some were difficult. While we have always provided the gospel and health education at our clinics we have truly tried to increase that lately. Our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of jobs, to train Hondurans to care for their own bodies and souls.

patient intakeAs Mike works at the intake section he also provides biblical training. Each person receives the gospel and each person is prayed with. We talk about how we not only need healing in our bodies, but that God can heal our heart and forgive our sins. There are regular conversations about the spiritual health of each person; how is their relationship with Christ, are they serving him?

From spiritual education we move to health education.

Erin listening inEach person is treated for his or her physical ailments, but Erin spends a lot of time trying to educate the community, one person at a time. They are explained why they have the ailment, how their actions contributed to the problem and what they can do to reverse the issue. Erin talks diet, lifestyle, sleep, water consumption and more. They receive educational sheets to take with them that are written for the literate and pictures for the illiterate.

Since we arrived in Armenia Bonito spiritual health and bodily health have improved. Often it is small steps, but we see it.