Soccer Field Roof Is Going Up

On our property in Armenia Bonito we are constructing an indoor soccer field that will be used by our high school in the day and by the community when school is not in session. The erection of the roof over that soccer field has been continually delayed due to lack the crane at workof funds, poorly timed rain, engineering complications, flaky welders and much more.

In the past two days the crane operator, the new welder and the weather finally got on the same sheet of music with our teammate and project supervisor John Clow. The most complicated part of the roof construction is now done. The ten, 1900 lbs trusses have been lifted and welded into place.

In the next few weeks we still have the welding in place of 16 supporting iron Xs between the trusses. After that, dozens of cross beams and then finally thousands of square feet of corrugated metal roofing. At that point we will have a all 10 trusses in placefully functional roof.

The completed roof is still some time off, but for now we hope you enjoy this little milestone with us and thank God for His provision. The residents of Armenia Bonito are definitely enjoying it. Some of them have never seen anything like this.