Possible Honduran Staff

We’d like to introduce you to a Honduran couple that has recently been put in our lives. Rene and Pati live in La Ceiba and have been helping out at our medical clinics in Armenia Bonito. They have been helping so they can serve, but also so we can all get to know each other. We are all prayerfully exploring whether they will work in our ministry.

Nurse PatiPatricia Noemi Olin Rosales is a Honduran nurse. She speaks pretty good English as well as her native Spanish. Pati has worked as a nurse in several capacities, but now works at a local high school. Pati is a Christian and is very interested in working in one of the two medical clinics we are building, but she is trying to get to know us better to see if we’d all be a good fit.

Rodolfo Rene del Cid goes by Rene. He currently serves as a pastor at a nondenominational church in Pastor ReneLa Ceiba. He also works part-time as a high school teacher. Rene and Mike have had several lengthy theological discussions to help each other to better understand any theological differences. Rene is tentatively interested in pastoring our first church.

It is still unclear what direction we will go or even if Rene and Pati want to work with us. But, a realistic possibility exists that if we do bring them on staff they could run our ministry center in Armenia Bonito. They could both teach at the high school and Rene could pastor the church while Pati works at the clinic.

Please pray for clarity for Pati and Rene and for our team. Pray that God makes it abundantly clear if we should bring them on staff.