Update On Mike’s Health

You may recall back in August of 2011 we asked you to pray for Mike’s health. Mike had lost strength in his left shoulder, arm and hand. He was also having numbness down that arm. In October Mike went to Atlanta to see a specialist because the problem had not gone away. Following several tests and doctor visits Mike was diagnosed with Parsonage-Turner syndrome; a nerve problem that would go away on its own.

Mike returned to Honduras, but the problem didn’t go away. In fact, several weeks later it got worse, much worse. The numbness got worse and debilitating pain began radiating down Mike’s arm. This progressively got worse and Mike began taking morphine to endure the pain and muscle relaxers to sleep. By December Mike couldn’t do much more then hold his arm to his chest and just endure the pain.

From that point on his arm and shoulder slowly improved. By January Mike was moderately exercising and seldom felt the pain. Day by day the strength returned, the numbness became less and less and the pain was rare.

Now, as of mid-March Mike is back to 100% of health. No pain, numbness or weakness. As the neurologists promised the problem just went away on its own. In fact, Mike played soccer with the boys last Saturday and experienced no problems during or after.

Thank you so much for your many e-mails, calls and prayers. Mike is no longer sick…well…physically.