Madison The Missionary

MadisonSo, what happens when you rip a kid from her home, friends and family and raise her in a third world country? In spite of our best efforts to screw up our daughter, it looks like our Madison is turning out to be a wonderful person. Here is a little update on our girl.

Maddy, who turns sixteen in two months, is in 10th grade at her Honduran bilingual school. She is one of only three gringos in her entire high school. Last semester she had the highest GPA in 10th grade, despite half of her classes being taught in Spanish.

This year Maddy has been very active in extracurricular activities. She participates on the Knowledge Bowl team (an academic competition) and she is involved in the Model United Nations where she represents Russia. She is also the founder and leader of a student run club called P.U.R.I.T.Y. (Prevent Underage Relations In Teenage Youth).

Her passion rests in art and computer graphics. She draws, creates animation, produces videos, etc. She maintains a blog where she posts some of her work. Art is her passion and her focus for the future.

Already she is thinking about college. She is very interested in studying Graphic Design at Azusa Pacific University; a small Christian college in Southern California. To that end she is scheduled to make her first attempts at the ACT this April and the SAT in May…both are administered here in La Cieba.

Last summer she spent the month of July serving in New York City as a cross-cultural missionary. This summer she will again take a mission trip, this time in Belize for several weeks.

She is a great young lady and has a strong heart for Christ and serving others. Please be in prayer for her in the months to come.