Medical Clinic In Armenia Bonito

In the poor community of Armenia Bonito we host weekly medical clinics to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the residents. On Thursday we treated nearly 40 people.

waiting to bee seenWhen we arrived in Armenia Bonito there were over 40 people waiting in the oppressive Honduran heat. Some had been waiting since before 7:00am to ensure a consultation. We had to turn away half a dozen people, which is always sad, but is a reality due to the limits of time, staff and resources.

Our weekly medical clinics provide an opportunity for these people, who could not otherwise afford medical care, to be treated and seen by a medical professional.

Erin treating a familyAs usual Erin had plenty of opportunities to provide patient education. To many she talked about how diet, cooking and lifestyle impact your health. She was able to explain to many why they have certain infirmities and how the patient can change the outcome. Honduran doctors seldom empower patients with this type of knowledge.

The people who come into our clinic always receive prayer and evangelism. We are always very fortunate when Pastor Renee Pastor Reneevolunteers to help us. Every other clinic Renee, a Honduran Pastor from another community, joins us for the day. He prays with everyone and pulls many aside to have frank discussions about the life and their faith. Pastor Renee has been a wonderful blessing for us.