Update On Our Soccer Field

In Armenia Bonito we are building a ministry center on two-acres of land. When we are finished the property will be home to a high school, a medical clinic, a church and an indoor soccer field.

The soccer field is the size of a basketball court. The floor and the walls have been constructed for some time. Because of engineering, financial and weather difficulties the roof had been delayed. As of late last week the roof has been completed. The ten, 1,900 lbs. trusses have been raised and welded in place and the corrugated tin roofing has been bolted down.

The roof has been designed to withstand a moderate hurricane. It will provide protection against the oppressive heat and the regular rains. The trusses are securely enforced and won’t be moving. We have already had our first rain and not a drop leaked in through the tin. There are eight plastic skylights to allow additional light and save on electric costs.

In Honduras, soccer is life. This structure will serve, not only as the hub of our ministry center, but the focal point of this community. Armenia Bonito is a super-poor community of 3,000 people. We anticipate this soccer field we become a community hang out. Kids, adults, boys and girls will come to our ministry center to get out of the sun, watch soccer and talk with neighbors. This building will be used not only for soccer, but also for church, school and community events.

The roof is up, but we still have more to go. Cyclone fencing will soon stretch to the ceiling. We’ll build bleachers, and install a ceiling mounted sound system and lights. Please be in prayer for the completion of this structure and the rest of our ministry center.

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the completion of this indoor soccer field please go HERE.