New Houses For The Poorest

Each summer we bring short-term mission teams down to help us with projects. Each summer we use those teams to help us build houses for the poorest families in Armenia Bonito. Our goal this summer is to build brand new homes for the three most needy families in Armenia Bonito.

Mike and our teammate John went out looking for the poorest of the 300 homes in Armenia Bonito. We saw some incredibly sad situations. There are so many families in need and it is painful to say “no” to anyone. But, the reality is that this is one small aspect of our ministry and we don’t have the time, manpower, or financial resources to build more.

Each house we looked at was no more then a shack of sticks or scrap metal. They have dirt floors and often have families of four or five sleeping in one room together. Some have no running water or electricity.

Through our experience and John’s design we have refined our house building so that we can build a new 400 sq. ft. home with a cement floor, cinderblock walls, doors, wooden windows, electricity, water, a septic tank, two bedrooms, an indoor toilet and a small living room, all for only about $1,400. It takes inexperienced short-term mission teams about a month per house.

Please pray for John and Mike as we attempt to narrow our choices down to three. And, please pray for the families who don’t get a new home this summer.