Assistant English Teacher

Marcos teaching the alphabetFor years we have been frustrated by Marcos Antonio. He is a very smart 17-year-old Honduran who lives in the super-poor community of Armenia Bonito. Not only is he smart, but also he is one of the best English speakers in the community. But, like many language learners he is embarrassed by his bad pronunciation, so he seldom practices. In spite of much harassment he has seldom attended our English classes, not because they are too easy, but because he doesn’t like to be wrong.

It appears a solution has been found. In recent months Marcos has been helping Mike teach our weekly English class in Armenia Bonito. And, just the other day he asked if he could help each week and be an official teacher. This accomplishes so many benefits. Marcos is now attending every class and hearing and practicing proper English pronunciation and he is helping others in his community. We simply love when Hondurans Marcos giving a testhelp Hondurans.

Our ultimate goal is not for gringos to bring all that is good to Hondurans. Our goal is to provide the skills needed to Hondurans so they can help themselves and their neighbors. Marcos, in his new role as Assistant English Teacher, is gaining valuable skills of English and teaching.