A Day Out For The Boys

This weekend we took six boys out to watch a professional soccer match and dinner in a restaurant. Mike, John and Mike T. took three boys from La Fe and three boys from Armenia Bonito. Many of these kids had never been to a professional soccer game and several had never been to a restaurant.

The afternoon started with a trip to the local soccer stadium, only four blocks from our home. We saw the local club, Victoria, win against the visiting Real España by a score of 2-1. It was some high-level soccer and great fans. It threatened to rain most of the game, but the clouds never released a drop and kept the heat down.

After the match we took the boys to a dinner of burgers. Several of the boys come from such poor families they have been taught survival skills. They took a few bites, but then rapped up their meal to take home so they could share it with their families. It was a great lesson for us; even a few hours of fun and diversion doesn’t eliminate the reality that many of these kids are simply trying to survive.