Expanding Ministry To Homeless Kids

Our teammate Kate runs our StreetChild program. This project ministers to the large number of homeless kids who live on the streets of La Ceiba. While she has done a great job it has been a daunting and emotional job for Kate. It has been a priority to try and get Honduran men to help Kate with this often-intimidating ministry. God has responded with two great guys.

JansenJansen is young man who lives in La Ceiba. He is a Christian who works a warehouse job. Jansen has no experience working with homeless boys, but he has gained a heart for this work. Several days a week he has been volunteering to spend time with Kate ministering to the boys. He is demonstrating that a little love and consistency go a long way with these kids.

Hector lives in the capital city of Tegucigulpa. He himself spent much of his early years living on the Hectorstreets. Hector found Christ and came off the streets. He has been working with homeless boys for several years. We just offered Hector a job to work fulltime with our ministry. In June Hector will move to La Ceiba and help to expand our ministry to our city’s homeless kids.

God calls us all to care for the poor (Luke 12:33) and homeless (Isaiah 58:7). It seems like God is really providing us with the tools we need to serve the homeless kids here in La Ceiba.