Moving Day

For nearly four years our daily ministry in Armenia Bonito has taken place inside the community’s town hall building. This week that all changes. Starting Monday all of our ministry events will be held a half mile away on our ministry center.

When we came to Armenia Bonito in June of 2008 the town hall was almost ready to fall down. We helped renovate it and have been using it ever sense. For 200 weeks we have hosted weekly medical clinics, Kids Clubs and ESL classes in the town hall. We estimate that we have used this structure for over a thousand different events.

Our two-acre ministry center is not complete, but the soccer field is ready to be used.

Now, all of our weekly medical clinics, Kids Clubs and ESL classes will be held in our indoor soccer field. This facility is the size of a basketball court and will provide ample space, easy access, protection against sun and rain and a cool breeze. There is still work to be done on this building, but it is ready to be used.

This moment is a little surreal, but we will not forget to thank God for his blessings.