Maddy Headed To Belize

Maddy, our almost 16-year-old, has been booked to go to Belize this summer and serve as a missionary there for two-weeks. She will be in Belize July 7-21. This will be her third short-term mission trip. She previously served on the Lummi Indian reservation in 2006 and 2011 in New York City.

Last year Madison loved her month of missions work in New York City. For this summer she decided she wanted to go someplace she could use her Spanish and experience in the Latin culture. She will be in the city of Corazal in the north of Belize. While there she will be helping translate for shot-term mission teams and serve as she is called.

It is thrilling to us that she has such a heart for missions and such a desire to serve. Please pray that God prepares her heart to serve well this July.