Pencils, Printers And Pouring Down Rain

On Monday Mike taught an English class in Armenia Bonito to 40 eager students. The class started with Noah-like rain. For about 20 minutes the rain fell so hard on the tin roof of our ministry center that nobody could hear a word. It is not often you experience a rain delay in ESL, but we’ve learned to be surprised by nothing in Honduras.

Marcos has been helping teach quite a bit lately, but Beatris also showed up and asked if she could help teach as well. This is the first time Mike has ever had two assistant teachers, and the two best English speakers in Armenia at that.

The class started with common greetings. Beatris then taught basic vocabulary with flash cards and then Marcos taught pronunciation with the alphabet. The adult students have been asking to learn more job related terms. So, Mike finished by teaching computer vocabulary. At the end class the students lined up for their individual oral exams.

The class started out with little promise, but it ended up very productive.