Keeping The Faith

For almost four month Mike and Ashley Troxell have been ministering daily to the community of La Fe (which means The Faith). They are loving on and serving this community with a desire towards starting a church plant there. The Troxells have been hosting weekly Kids Club events and English classes.

They’ve also been hosting special events. Mike has taken boys to watch professional soccer games and played soccer with them. Ashley has taken girls to the beach for a day out and to the river for a beauty day. The Troxells are building relationships with the 100 families that live in this community.

La Fe is one of the poorest communities in all of La Ceiba. They have no flush toilets or running water and most homes have dirt floors and tin roofs. The families of the community have numerous health issues and few resources to address them. The Troxells are providing a great blessing to this community by offering free medical clinics.

Starting Saturday we will begin hosting short-term mission teams and half of them will be serving in La Fe. We pray our efforts in this community demonstrate the mercy of Jesus Christ to these people.