Update On Medical Clinic In Armenia Bonito

On our two-acre ministry center in the heart of the 3,000-person community of Armenia Bonito we have been constructing a medical clinic. There is no medical clinic within walking distance of Armenia Bonito and many people can’t afford the 35-cent bus trip into town to visit the hospital. When completed this clinic will be a great service to the super-poor.

The cement benches have been completed in the inside and outside waiting areas. Our Honduran workers took it upon themselves to figure out how to round the edges so the benches would be more comfortable for the women and kids. It is this type of extra-effort that occurs when these men take pride in serving their own community.

Our attorney is working diligently to provide us with the legal status we need to open the clinic. All paperwork has been submitted.

The men have begun installing the floor tile. Because of the 130 inches of annual rain we choose a rough surface and because of the frequent spills we went with a dark color. The precision and attention to detail by our workers is making for a beautiful product.

Still left to be purchased and installed are doors, windows, ceiling fans and all furnishings. We’re getting there.