Busy Summer Begins

This summer we are hosting 16 short-term mission teams in Honduras. Every grand adventure must begin with a first step. Our first step has been taken this week. We are hosting our first two mission teams of the summer. Naperville Presbyterian of IL and Wellington Presbyterian of FL arrived on Saturday.

Sunday was full of two church services, trainings, tours and orientation. Monday was their first full day of work. In fact, Weillington Pres. acted as our first ever short-term mission team in the community of La Fe. They helped us host a medical clinic that treated 50-people and helped us clear a walking path in the poor community.

The folks from Naperville served our team greatly. They demolished an old house and helped teach an English class in Armenia Bonito. They also served our team personally, including a few personal counseling sessions by a trained counselor.

It has been a great start to a long summer.

If you want to keep track of Naperville’s and Wellington’s great work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.