Faith Draws Crowds

This week we are hosting an 11-person mission team from Faith Presbyterian Church of LaVale, MD. There must be something about Faith, because they are drawing crowds of Hondurans wherever they go.

On Monday and Tuesday their Spanish speakers and medical personnel hosted two medical clinics in Armenia Bonito. In those two days they treated over 120 patients and turned away 50 people.

Monday afternoon the team helped teach an English class to 40 students. The students learned fruit, greetings and vocabulary from the Bible passage about the good Sheppard. The team from Faith helped the students with proper pronunciation and then they helped administer the end of class oral exams. The students individually read the good Sheppard passage to our short-term missionaries.

Tuesday afternoon was crazy. The team from Faith helped us host our largest Kids Club ever. Over 90 kids attended our weekly event. They played games, saw a skit performed by the Faith team, memorized a Bible verse and completed a craft. Not sure what we would have done had they not been there.

Both mornings the team helped us build a new house for a super-poor family in Armenia Bonito. They have been pouring the foundation and laying the first few rows of blocks.

If you want to keep track of Faith’s great work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.