“Cultural Bias” On The Gospel Coalition

Last week Mike had an article published by The Gospel Coalition(TGC). Mike’s article Not Bad, Just Different is about making sure we as missionaries are more concerned with sharing the gospel than changing cultures.

The article contends that while the gospel changes cultures, messengers of the gospel should never seek to modify a culture to make it more like their own. Missionaries should never burden the purity of the gospel with our sinful biases.

Apparently this is a controversial topic. The article received several comments and prompted a few personal e-mails from people who took exception to Mike’s analysis. Overwhelmingly the article was appreciated. As of the publishing of this blog post Mike’s article has been reposted on Facebook 177 times and retweeted 96 times on Twitter.

This is the second article of Mike’s that TGC has published. TGC is an interdenominational resource center dedicated to expanding the gospel of Christ. The brainchild of D.A. Carson and Tim Keller, TGC provides articles, blogs, books, sermons, videos and other resources to church leaders, pastors and lay Christians.

It is a great blessing to be able to share a message of missions to such a large readership.