Paint, Pressure And Play

The short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro, TN is concluding a wonderful week of service. Trinity is the 4th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer.

On Wednesday the group painted the outside of the dorms at our downtown ministry center. They shared lunch with a few homeless kids that work with our teammate Kate and our StreetChild ministry. In the afternoon they took a group of kids from Armenia Bonito to swim in the river.

Thursday morning part of the Trinity team helped put on a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. They helped us bring evangelism and God’s healing mercy to 30 sick people. The team from Trinity helped all day at patient intake and pharmacy. They checked blood pressure and blood sugar and they checked height and weight for every person.

The other half of the team worked on two construction sites. They continued work on a new house for a poor family. They raised all of the walls to about seven feet with cinderblocks. They also continued construction on a gazebo for the high school at our ministry center.

On Saturday we say goodbye to Trinity and welcome our next short-term team. Calvary Presbyterian of Raleigh, NC will be our fifth mission team of the summer and will serve in the community of La Fe.