Clinic, Construction And Kids

Calvary Presbyterian Church is working well in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer.

On Monday part of the team helped put on a medical clinic that treated 40 super-poor people. They treated a dog bite, a severely infected finger, started an IV, gave three injections and drained an abscess.

Both Monday and Tuesday the team helped with construction on a walkway up a dirt levee. When La Ceiba gets its 130 in. in annual rainfall this walkway becomes a waterfall and is too slick to use. The team is helping to lesson the slope and reinforce the base so concrete can be poured and a year-round walkway can be built for the community.

Tuesday morning the team put on a Kids Club for 20 kids in La Fe. They put on a Bible skit, sang songs, provided a Bible craft and played games. The entire Kids Club was performed under a shade tree. The kids loved it and were really shown the love and mercy of Christ.

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