Washing Heads And Constructing A Path

Calvary Presbyterian Church has concluded their work in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is scheduled to hike the rainforest on Friday and fly out on Saturday.

Wednesday the team started the day by going to La Fe and learning the finer art of washing clothes in the river. The local ladies taught their skills with a bar of soap, a river rock and a dirty pair of pants. Several from Calvary also took some time to wash the hair of some of the kids in the river.

Wednesday afternoon the team went back to the dorms to have lunch with a few homeless kids who are associated with our StreetChild program. After lunch the team did some work around the dorms.

Thursday the team went back to La Fe to continue construction on a concrete walking path up a dirt levee. In the afternoon some of the Calvary team helped to teach an English class to 20 kids from the community.

Calvary is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer. We will not host any short-term teams next week, but the following week we host two teams.