Meet Our 2012 Summer Interns

This summer we are blessed to have five summer interns. From left to right our interns are Jeff, Caroline, Keilah, Rebeka and Allen. All five have conversational Spanish and international travel experience. All five are college students.

While they all are selfless and flexible they all have their specific jobs. Jeff and Keilah primarily work with the Troxells in La Fe. Rebeka and Allen work with the Pettengills in Armenia Bonito. And, Caroline works with Kathy in the dorms, our teen moms home and our StreetChild program.

They are a huge help during this busy short-term mission season. They live in the dorms with the visiting short-term mission teams and help to coordinate those efforts. The interns are an important part of our team. They will all leave us in early August and return to the U.S.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the MTW internship program go HERE.