New Pettengill Missionary Website

Our Pettengill missions website has received a major facelift. This new and improved website not only has a new look to it, but it has evolved to keep up with our growing ministry in Honduras.

Our original website lasted almost six years and served us well. This new and improved website helps better emphasize the way we communicate with our prayer warriors and financial supporters. Two of the major improvements are: 1) The front-page of the site shows our most recent Twitter posts. Twitter is the most effective way to keep up with our ministry. Now, even you do not have a Twitter account can follow along, and 2) The five most recent blogs are now visible on the front page. We post new blogs at least every other day and provide lots of new information and pictures. If you don’t visit daily you can now quickly see the posts you’ve been missing.

There are many more benefits and useful tools for those who wish to follow and pray for this ministry. We invite you to surf around the site and let us know what you think. Please share our website with a friend.