Busy Week With Teams From AZ And NC

Our sixth and seventh mission teams of the summer are concluding a very productive week of serving with us in La Ceiba. The 13-person team from Sovereign Grace of Charlotte, NC worked in Armenia Bonito while the 8-person team from Covenant Community of Scottsdale, AZ served in La Fe.

On Wednesday the team from CovCom took 15 kids to the ocean for a morning of recreation. On both Wednesday they did some work on our dorms and Thursday they poured several concrete pillars to help raise and secure power lines in La Fe.

On Wednesday Sovereign Grace did some construction work on our ministry center. On Thursday they continued construction work in Armenia Bonito. They mixed cement to lay a floor for a structure at our ministry center. They also completed erecting the roof on a new house for a poor family.

On Thursday they helped put on a medical clinic for the community of Armenia Bonito. Two members of the team helped at patient intake and two members helped at pharmacy. Erin was also able to have Meredith, a pre-med student, shadow her for the day and help her treat patients. The team helped treat 40-patients who would likely have not otherwise received care.

On Saturday both teams head home and two new teams arrive.