Two Churches Working Together

Our two current visiting mission teams didn’t know each other before this week. But, you’d never know it from the hard work together and the servants’ attitudes they have. Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA and Grace Community Church of Mobile, AL are working side by side. We have combined the 12-person team from Trinity and the 9-person team Grace. These are our 8th and 9th (of 16) short-term mission teams of the summer.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the medical portion of the team hosted a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. In their three days of hosting clinics they have so far treated 370 patients. Each patient is being prayed with and being provided patient education on how to better treat themselves. Normally the people of La Ceiba don’t receive this level of personal and attentive care.

On Tuesday the non-medical team put on two Kids Clubs. In the morning they hosted one in La Fe and in the afternoon the hosted a second in Armenia Bonito. On Wednesday morning the non-medical team went to the river in La Fe and played with kids and learned how to wash clothes with the residents. At lunch they played with and had lunch with homeless kids. And, in the afternoon they did some work on our property in La Isla.

One of the more special moments this week was when one of our Honduran construction workers said he had a sore tooth, but was concerned because he couldn’t afford to miss work. So Wade, our visiting dentist, pulled over a section of wooden scaffolding in front of our dorms and extracted his tooth right there under the mango tree.

God is being glorified.