Faith, Rincon And Ernesto

This week we are hosting two short-term mission teams from the U.S. They are our 11th and 12th teams out of 16 this summer.

The team from Faith Presbyterian Church of Ballentine, SC is a very experienced mission team. They have been supporters of our ministry from the beginning and were the second mission team we ever hosted in La Ceiba, way back in September of 2008. This 14-person team consists of many dear souls that have truly watched over our family in recent years. These folks will work primarily in the community of La Fe.

The team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ is also a very seasoned missions team. This is Rincon’s third visit to La Ceiba. This 8-person team will work in Armenia Bonito.

In addition to Faith and Rincon it appears we will also have an unwelcomed visitor. Tropical storm Ernesto is scheduled to hit near La Ceiba on Tuesday. We don’t yet know the impact Ernesto will have on our community or our ministry.

We ask that you be in prayer for the people of Honduras, the missionaries from Faith and Rincon, our permanent team and the impact of Ernesto.