New House For The Ochoa Family

The Ochoa family consists of seven people. Mom, dad and the five kids have lived in Armenia Bonito for 14 years. After the devastation of hurricane Mitch in 1998, like many displaced families in Honduras, they sought a new beginning in Armenia Bonito. Since 1998 they lived in a 400 sq. ft. home made of scrap wood and rusty tin. At the beginning of this summer we agreed to build a new home for their family.

With the help of many short-term mission teams we built the Ochoa’s a new house. This new house is complete with running water, electricity, concrete floors, indoor shower and toilet and a septic tank. It is an amazing blessing for this super-poor family. The two young sons helped us with construction in the early stages and then they got paying jobs elsewhere. In the last few weeks the father, Esai Ochoa, lost his construction job and helped us complete his home.

The family is so very proud of their new house. The local church they attend had a worship service in the house to pray over the home and bless it. The family even slaughtered their cow, Princess, to have food to celebrate.

The Ochoa family is truly “the least of these” and God has blessed them with a comfortable and dry place to live and lay their heads. If you’d like to see a short video of the construction of their home and receive a brief tour of the inside go HERE.

Please pray that the Lord continues to bless the Ochoa family.