Praying About College

It seems odd, but in the Pettengill home we are pretty focused on college right now. Maddy is only 16-year-old and she won’t begin college for another 23 months. But, that isn’t stopping us from praying and planning.

Maddy is very focused and knows what she wants. She would like to attend a small, Christian college that offers a Graphic Design degree. She has been able to reduce her wish list down to Azusa Pacific University in California, Texas Christian University in Texas and John Brown University in Arkansas.

From a secular perspective it is silly for us to even think of these schools. The cheapest tuition of these three universities costs more than we make in a year. We will barely be able to contribute to our daughter’s tuition. Our decision to serve on the mission field has eliminated our ability to pay for her education, but it has not eliminated God’s ability to provide. If God wants Maddy to attend college he will provide the financial resources.

Much of our time in the next year is going to be focused on preparing Maddy to take the ACT, SAT, GED and applying for scholarships and grants. Please be in prayer that God provides finances and wisdom to our family.

One thought on “Praying About College”

  1. We will be in prayer with you through this process.
    We just went through it with our Madison.
    We knew there was no way we could pay for the colleges she was applying to….but we knew HE could……and HE did!
    We took her back to the States about three weeks ago.
    She got a full 4 year scholarship to North Greenville University (NGU) (North Carolina).
    I KNOW God will provide for your Madison too!
    Keep us updated.
    Miss you guys,

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