English Class With New Helper

On Monday Mike taught English class in Armenia Bonito. This was the 8th class in a 10-week series. There were 32 students in attendance.

Sara is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Armenia Bonito. She is a fairly good English speaker, but has seldom attended our English classes. With no advance warning she showed up and asked if she could help teach class. She was very nervous, but did a fine job. It is such a joy when Hondurans help other Hondurans.

At the beginning of class we studied basic conversational greetings and responses. We worked on soccer terms, colors and body parts. The students also learned John 8:1-11. They studied the vocabulary in the verse and then practiced reading sections out loud. At the end of class each student was administered a personal oral exam on soccer terms and the passage from John.

Each week the students are excited to learn more English. These classes are a wonderful way to impart a skill, share the gospel and build relationships.