Saving Money On Railings

The construction workers who daily toil on our ministry center in Armenia Bonito are an interesting lot. They all live in the 3,000-person community of Armenia Bonito. They grew up there, their families live there and all their friends live there.

They have a lot of pride in the work they are doing. They know that some day their kids will learn in our high school, their wives will receive care in our clinic and their families will worship in our church. Because, of this they really take pride in this project.

For safety reason our two-story high school needs hand railings on the second floor. Without any prompting from us one of our workers approached us and suggested that instead of us buying hundreds of preformed balusters for the rails, he had a method that would be just as safe and attractive and would save a lot of money. He proposed to make a dozen wooden baluster molds. After pouring concrete and inserting rebar our workers are making handmade concrete balusters that are a fraction of the cost of the precast, store-bought balusters.

Our workers are now pouring and installing their very own hand crafted balusters along the entire second-floor hallway of our high school. This adds a touch of pride and ingenuity that makes this their project. They have ownership of this project. It also saves us valuable dollars that can be used elsewhere. These guys have come up with dozens of other little ideas like this that have really added their personal touch to our project and made it theirs.

Please pray that our workers continue to feel that this project is theirs and not ours.

One thought on “Saving Money On Railings”

  1. just reading the blog and again amazed at the local worker’s pride in their work and work ethic. their workmanship is excellant and their hearts are in the right place. i pray GOD will continue to use them all for HIS honor and glory. even a distraction like a CORAL snake was viewed with caution, but life goes on and smiles and teasing abounds. great job to all the workers and overseers. mike when will they start that roof on the gazebo? compliements to all the workers in armenia bonito and greetings from sacramento, california

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