StreetChild Drop-In Center Opens

Our StreetChild drop-in center opened for business…sort of. Kate and Hector are our two teammates who work with the homeless kids of La Ceiba. Daily they interact with the kids in the middle of the streets, usually from the back of Kate’s truck. On the property of our downtown ministry center we are constructing a permanent drop-in center where these kids will get a shower, new clothes, learn about the bible, get a good nights sleep and be safe. That building is not yet complete, but this past week we opened up our completed dorm facility (on the same property) to the homeless kids and Kate, Hector and our intern Jennifer hosted the kids there.

Three day last week the kids got hot meals, played games, learned structure and heard the gospel. Hector, our Honduran teammate working with StreetKids, used to live on the streets himself. He was pulled off the streets and came to Christ within The Micah Project, a ministry to street boys in the city of Tegucigalpa. Many of the kids and the leaders of The Micah Project made the long bus trip to La Ceiba and were here for the opening of our drop-in center.  They came to visit and share with our La Ceiba boys. It was a wonderful time of testimonies, singing, soccer and games. The La Ceiba boys were able to see that there is hope in Christ, and that they can hope for a better future.

Our dorm building will work as a great temporary location. We can’t wait until our drop-in center is complete and we have a permanent facility to serve these kids. But, until then these homeless kids are receiving the love and mercy of Christ.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    We are medical missionaries at Hospital Loma de Luz in Balfate and recently heard about your ministry.

    Where are you located? We’d love to drop in on your Drop-in center sometime and meet you.

    Mark and Heidi Merritt

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