Final Approval Of Our Denomination

Back in May of 2008 we filed our paperwork to establish a denomination and a foundation in Honduras. In April of 2011 we received preliminary approval. We now have full legal approval and authority for our Honduran denomination and foundation.

The official name has changed several times for legal reasons, but is now Iglesia Presbiteriana Mision Para El Mundo (Presbyterian Church, Mission to the World). To celebrate, our daughter Madison (a budding graphic design artist) designed our new logo and seal. In the logo you will see Honduras at the center of the world, a cross covering the globe and Luther’s white rose representing joy.

The foundation allows us to place our schools, clinics, churches, StreetChild ministry, single mothers home and employees under one tax exempt umbrella and allows us to avoid lots of excess bureaucracy and taxes. Believe it or not the foundation was the easier part. The government wants to encourage the involvement of non-profits that will aide Hondurans.

The denomination was the hard part. Honduras is officially a Catholic country and doesn’t tolerate the existence of cults. In fact, some cult leaders have been banned from the country. Since Presbyterians just don’t exist in Honduras, we had to go through great measures to ensure we are a legitimate church.

This will open lots of doors and things a bit easier for us.