Weekly Team Meetings

Every Friday Team Honduras gathers at the Pettengill home for our weekly team meeting. At 9am, with coffee in hand, the entire team collects for a 1½-hour meeting. Our weekly meetings start off with a brief report from Mike. He keeps everyone informed about finances, personnel, MTW policy changes, legal matters, spiritual concerns and upcoming events. We then go around the table and hear a brief report from each missionary and learn about what is going on in his or her ministry and life.

The meeting is then concluded with a time of prayer. We pray for each other, Honduras, our ministries, concerns, praises and other missionaries. This is the most important part of our meetings.

When one reads the great missions biographies you seldom read of Hudson Taylor or Jim Elliot attending missions team meetings. Few people think of team meetings when they think of missionary life. It is cliché to dislike meetings. As a rule, no matter what our job, meetings are a disruption in our already busy week.

Team meetings are an important part of our community and ministry. They help us stay tied to each other and our work as a whole. Pray our weekly meetings are fruitful, refreshing and a benefit to each of our ministries and our hearts.