Spanish Language School In Honduras

Last week Mike and our teammate John drove four hours to the Spanish Language Institute in the city of Siguatepeque, Honduras. Mike and John spent two days touring the 20-acre property.

We talked to students, teachers and the Director of the language school. We sat in on classes and looked at the curriculum. Following our thorough review of the school our team has concluded that we will begin sending our future missionaries to this school for their Spanish language training.

It is a Christian school and the fact that it is in Honduras will provide our future missionary teammates with an instant benefit. The local phrases and dialects students learn in this school are very different than those learned at our current school in Costa Rica. Learning Honduran dialect and culture will be a huge benefit to our future missionaries. The school is cheaper and is only a four-hour car ride from La Ceiba.

We are excited for the change and look forward to using the school. We will begin sending our missionaries there in late 2013.