It Hurts

Is fulltime ministry supposed to hurt this bad? How could one Honduran break our hearts so completely? Many of our regular readers and short-term visitors know Walter. In 2008 this skinny kid was one of the first Hondurans to build a relationship with us in Armenia Bonito. He has very involved in our ministry for the first two and a half years and he participated in everything we did.

Our whole team poured our hearts into him, but Mike truly bared his soul to Walter and formed a bond. Mike discipled Walter, spent social time with him and invested in his life. All of us loved Walter, but Mike really laid himself out for this kid.

Disappointments occurred, as is common when working with humans. We paid for Walter to go to high school, and he dropped out. We gave him a construction job, and he quit. He lied about us and tried to report us to the government. And, he was involved in two robberies against our mission team. Even with all this we continued to reach out to him. Our love for him helped plant seeds of a saving relationship.

Walter got involved in gang life. He robbed, sold drugs and worse. Seeing him around town just broke our hearts. Two weeks ago Walter was badly shot in gang related activity. Mike tried to bring himself to visit Walter in the hospital, but couldn’t do it. Years later Mike is still wounded.

On Monday Walter approached Mike. The two talked for a long time and Walter apologized and asked for forgiveness. After he got shot, Walter accepted Christ and has spent all his waking hours praying, reading his Bible and apologizing to all the people he hurt. Everyone in the community says he has changed.

This all sounds great. We are so pleased Walter has a relationship with Christ and Mike has told him we accept his apology. But, the truth of it is, Mike’s heart is broken. The pain is still so raw. Mike wants to rejoice for Walter and love him again, but the deep gash in Mike’s heart is still so real.

Please rejoice with us that Walter is walking with the Lord. And, please pray that Mike’s heart is softened toward Walter.

4 thoughts on “It Hurts”

  1. I’m praying for you (Mike) and Walter that God would make this lasting and that he would heal your wounds.

  2. What a heart-wrenching story. I remember Walter well. I pray that Walter may stay on the straight path in his walk with the Lord and that Mike’s heart will be healed.

  3. Our hearts hurt with yours. Reaching God’s children is not always easy and often results in great hurt. Do we recover? Eventually. But like all humans, it is a thing we must work through. Are we glad that the Lord has done a work? Absolutely. Now – we – your firends understand your humanness and we pray that the Lord’s work in you will be accomplished quickly. May the day come soon that you will be able to see that all you did was good…. and that our precious Lord used you, Mike, to accomplish His purposes. We love you!

  4. Mike
    We are praying for you and for Walter – it is heart wrenching to read what has happened and about the choices that Walter has made. Thank you for your obedience, for your unselfish love and for laying down your rights for others.

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