Gringo VBS 2012

Our merry band of missionaries here in Honduras consists of 10 adults and five kids. Our kids frequently work by our sides as we serve the people of Honduras. But, often our own kids get neglected as we spend long hours working with Hondurans. For the second December in a row we organized a small Vacation Bible School (VBS) for our own missionary kids.

IMG_2867However, this year was a great miracle for us. The Lupton family flew all the way from the U.S. just to love our kids and organized a VBS for them. Andrew, Laura Kate and little Fox put on a four-day VBS for the kids of Team Honduras. The Lupton’s are missionaries who work with MTW’s Global Youth and Family Ministries (GYFM). GYFM consists of missionaries who serve the kids of missionaries. The Luptons will soon be based out of Colombia and will serve all of MTW’s missionary kids throughout Latin America.

IMG_2916The Luptons organized daily games, crafts, songs and Bible lessons. This four-day VBS was awesome. But, more importantly, the Luptons spent real time with our kids. They loved on them, talked to them and hung out. They showed interest in our kids. This may not sound like a big deal, but it was huge to us. When we are 5,000 miles from the U.S. there are not many people who invest time in or even communicate with our kids. We can’t stress what a joy it was as parents to see our own children loved by someone other than us.

It is important to remember that while God has sent us to serve the people of Honduras, we should never forget our most important ministry…the raising of our own families in a godly way. Thanks so much to the Luptons, GYFM and our teammates for all they do for us.

To see a short video of Gringo VBS 2012 click HERE.