A New Year’s Resolution For Short-Term Mission

On this blog Mike has already articulated our views towards short-term mission trips. You can read a brief article Mike wrote on short-term missions HERE.

Also, John Piper, author, pastor theologian and renowned authority on missions has thoroughly addressed the topic. Click on each line below to launch a brief audio of John Piper addressing these three important questions:

Are short-term missions worth doing? (2:54)

Who should consider doing short-term mission trips? (1:32)

Should the risk of danger keep me from doing missions? (3:43)

We would like to challenge every reader of this post to take a short-term mission trip in 2013. No, this is not a recruiting ploy to get you to come serve in Honduras. Honduras is already full for the summer of 2013 with 14 short-term mission teams booked. But, we must stress, the Great Commission does not begin or end at the borders of Honduras. Short-term missions should be considered wherever you are needed.

Take a mission trip in 2013. It doesn’t matter so much as where or when. Just be obedient to God’s call and GO. Stretch yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and glorify God.

Prayerfully consider short-term missions options and when you are ready to take the next step send an e-mail HERE, visit this website or call 678-823-0004.